Sunday, April 12, 2009

It hurts because it should

Well, the time is finally here. Collegiate nationals in 6 days! Now that taper time is here I actually have time to get another post up...

The last month of training has been crazy. Hard rides, hard bricks, ridiculous swims. During many of the workouts I have caught myself wondering if I would be able to finish my swimming sets or hold my race pace even when I'm on the verge of donating my last meal to the roadside.

I have also had the chance to get my first two tris in for 2009. The first was the Havasu Triathlon. The venue is awesome--my hometown, low-key event, and this year the weather was awesome! No white caps and 20+ MPH headwinds on the bike. The result? Ridiculous PRs for everyone. Mine was something like 18 minutes better than last year. I'll attribute something like 10 minutes to the better conditions, meaning something like an "actual" PR of 8 minutes. I'll take it!

The next week was the Tucson Tri (a sprint on the UA campus). It wasn't a spectacular race for me, but still a PR of over a minute. As long as I keep improving I'll be happy.
Besides that, lots of training... Suddenly my swim workouts are regularly over 400o yards, which to me is pretty crazy. Before last month I had never swam more than 3500 in a workout. Last Sunday was 4800! I might become a fish after all. Bikes and runs are getting shorter but more painful. It will be nice to enjoy some base training again after this week.

On other fronts--still plowing through school. Looks like I am going to take a class over summer and hopefully (!!!!) defend before August--August 2009. As in 11 years after I started at the U. Now that is craziness. Family has been a ton of fun. We no longer have an infant. A terrible two (who's not so terrible :) ) and the youngest is ready to walk any day. Sleep is actually occurring on a regular basis. HOWEVER, there is no sleeping in. 10 minutes before the sun is up, the girls are up. Alarm clocks are no longer effective for me. Screaming babies on the other hand are EXTREMELY effective.
The only other real news is that I am finding it hard to resist signing up for 140.6. St. George looks like an awesome venue. We'll see. Maybe if I think about it for a few more weeks the race will fill up and I won't be tempted anymore...
Alrighty. Off to enjoy the rest of my Easter Sunday, watch some golf, and absorb this taper. Until next time.

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