Sunday, May 3, 2009

let's try this all again, only faster now

Another week of racing in the books. Today was the Cinco de Mayo 10k in Tucson. Another local running race that I raced last year. This is a pretty stinking tough race. Up, up, down, up down, down. My goal was basically just to leave last year's time in the dust. Mission accomplished! Following Grasky's advice, I went out HARD--at a pace I didn't think I could hold for 6.2. For once I had a race strategy. Hard, but not ridiculous on the first 2 miles (uphill), let go on the next mile (steep downhill), hard after the turnaround (uphill next mile), then hold on for the last 2 miles (downhill). Finally, due to last-minute developments one of my goals was to not get my butt kicked too hard by Sam McGlone... It went pretty much according to plan, and I felt SPENT by the end. My time was around 2:30 faster than last year (24 seconds/mile). Still not where I WANT to be, but for a hard 10k I'll take it! Hung around for the kids' race (the anniversary of Rylie's first race), three breakfast burritos, three trips to the bathroom (probably not a coincidence...). Then what? Change into cycling gear for a hard/hilly 2:30 ride. Thanks, coach! :) It hurt, but felt gooooood. If it makes me faster it was worth the pain. Plus, a great excuse to put in some miles and take in the scenery on a calm Sunday morning.

Other happenings from this week include my first Masters swim practice. I was nervous, but apparently too much so. I jumped in with the 1:25/100 lane (which I wouldn't have done before like two weeks ago) and ended up leading the lane for the day (swimming 1:20s realistically). So, tomorrow I'll get into the 1:20s and try to hold on for dear life. I am actually excited about swimming for once! A year ago I had trouble holding 1:30s for 100 repeats. Two months ago was the same for 1:25 pace. Last week I held 1:20s for a bunch of 150s.

These developments (consistent PRs and swimming improvements) make me wonder how I'm going to feel when the PRs aren't coming so easily. If it doesn't happen on a weekly/yearly basis will I keep my drive? What will be the motivation? I guess I'll cross that bridge when it comes. For the moment I'm going to enjoy it and keep pushing.

Now for a week of hard training (no races), then on to the Tempe International Tri. Should be a fast course (depending on weather of course), and a good chance at an oly PR. Not that I care about PRs or anything...

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