Friday, May 7, 2010

we were drinking, drinking, drinking, drinking coca coca cola...

MTB lessons from a newbie, for newbies:

  1. Never expect an easy ride when you head out to new trails. Today, I went to Robles Pass Trails Park. I've ridden there before, but went further today. When "Pass" is in the name, you can expect technical ascents and descents. I found them today.
  2. If you are not mentally prepared for technical stuff, do not go to a technical area. You have to be focused for a technical MTB ride. If you are not, you will either get hurt or get frustrated and not enjoy your ride.
  3. Trust in your equipment. If you have a decent steed, your bike can handle more than you think it can. You are limited by your abilities, and even more so by your mind (experience).
  4. Go tubeless if you can. Either with tubeless-ready wheels, or with a Stans No-Tubes Conversion kit. I was averaging 1 flat/ride for my first five rides. Switched to no-tubes, and haven't had a flat since (over 20 rides).
More to come. Happy Friday!!

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