Thursday, September 16, 2010

gotta get myself over me

Have you notice the explosion of blogs? There's a reason. Suddenly I have this Ironman thing on the brain.....

So, the workouts are starting to click. Swimming is getting easy (well, easy as far as swimming goes) and my recovery between intervals on the bike and run is really improving. I guess I'm getting back into racing shape! Now, the problem is that I'm starting to dwell on the race already. Wondering what outcome I can realistically expect, and what outcome I can possibly achieve if it's really my day. I have the tendency to be over-confident (euphemism for word of your choice), and setting the bar too high (setting myself up for disappointment). That's okay, I'll roll with it.

Also have to remember that I'm not the only part of the equation. On the way home from gymnastics today, Rylie asked, "Dad, why do you and mom get to run every day?". And I told her about how we run to stay healthy, do races, etc. She fired back with, "Why don't I get to run every day?" Hmmmm...

"You do, at preschool and gymnastics, right?" (No more kids' track meets now that summer is over).

"But not on the weekends?"

And it's true, I have been so busy with workouts, and we have been so busy with family trips that we haven't been taking the normal bricks around the block. And yes, I do literally mean bricks. One of Rylie's favorite things to do is ride her bike (with training wheels) around the block, and then park it, ditch the helmet, and run laps around the cul de sac over and over until we get tired and tell her to come inside. Hannah follows what Rylie does, so this has become one of Hannah's favorite things to do too!

So, Rylie and I made a pact. Every Saturday and Sunday, we will run and ride around the block. Awesome, it's a plan.

With that revelation, I'm moving forward with a focus on balance, keeping things in perspective, and being cautiously optimistic about the race. Stay healthy, keep pushing, and see where it goes. Let's see if my swim speed continues to increase, ditto for my bike, and hey, ditto for the run while I'm at it! Maybe I will live up to my expectations of myself, and surprise everyone else. Here is my mantra for the time-being:

Believe in yourself.
Trust the plan.
Follow the plan.
Make it happen!

Believe in yourself.

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