Monday, February 28, 2011

oh oh, what are you waiting for?

So, I've been conducting an experiment. A hairy one. I decided yet again to grow a beard...well, as much of a beard as I can. I am also growing my hair out...well, as much hair as I have left. The lack of abundance I make up in length. Also, hairy legs. Not much of an experiment for most guys, but definitely an experiment for a "serious triathlete". This is not the first such experiment. They usually start during long weeks of field work when I NEVER shave, and rarely brush my hair. Hey, when you spend your days playing in the mud and trees and applying bug spray and sunscreen, there is no reason for these things.

These experiments also tend to lead to a lot of reflection/identity crises. Hey, if you never question what you're doing, how can you believe in it? I know that is a pathetic rip-off of a movie line, but it's not coming to mind...

I am finally recovered psychologically (well, more or less) from grad school (it only took a year), and definitely getting into my job again (see previous post). The problem is that I tend to be able to focus on one thing at a time (see also previous post). So, the last three weeks have been ridiculously packed with fieldwork/conferences/business development and there has been little training involved. Of course one of the biggest problems is that my company for the last two field trips is a 68-year-old that works circles around me. We leave the hotel at sunset, and return at dark. There is no enthusiasm left at that point (read no training). I have finally been forced into a REAL break from training and thinking about training and feeling let down when I skip a working and am not stressed to know that I'm not thinking about training. With junior staff I feel like I can say "oh, we'll start at 8 tomorrow" or "we'll keep it to a 9-hour day today." Well, Bob is not exactly "junior staff" and when there is work to get done, you get it done!

Anyway, here are the outcomes of my experiment:
  • Conclusion Number 1: Beards are not aerodynamic--AT ALL. In fact, my beard has made me significantly slower. I'd say good for 30 sec/mile running, and 1 mph on the bike.
  • Conclusion Number 2: Beards are heavy--REALLY HEAVY. In fact, it appears that mine weighs ~10 pounds.
Now that I have come to those revolutionary conclusions, it's time! I will keep the beard for now just to gain additional evidence to support the above conclusions. But it's time to get back into action. Sorry body, I hope you're ready for this. TriFest this month, an olympic tri that I will not be in shape for, and two months until Wildflower.

I know the me that is only focused on triathlon. He' s a high-strung PITA. I know the me that only thinks about work. He is fat and unhealthy and still a high-strung PITA. It is time to get my head on straight and find the new family-work-training balance. Lots of family time. Lots of restoration. Lots of sweat. Let's do this.

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Shannon said...

Great post! Not buying the hair-slowing-you-down thing, though. I like the hair!!