Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I can't complain

Last weekend was the Havasu Triathlon at my hometown of Lake Havasu City. My fourth time doing this race, which was also my first olympic-distance tri. I really enjoy this one for a bunch of reasons. I get to see my parents (and they get to see me race, which is pretty rare). It is a great measuring stick for my early-season fitness, and to see where I'm at compared to previous years. And, most of all, it's just a fun race. There are so many collegiate athletes...and FAST ones...to put you in your place. There is always a big TriCat group (my former team!), as the turnout from a bunch of other universities is great also: ASU, CSU, New Mexico, NAU, US Military Academy (Army), Air Force, the list goes on. CU Boulder, the defending national champ, was there in great form and look to be in good shape to take the title again this year.

Going into the race, I knew to keep my expectations in check. Following Ironman Arizona, I have been taking it relatively easy. Actually, February was VERY easy--two runs and three bike rides I think? Basically, I was going into the race on two weeks of training... Anyway, quick race report.

Swim was good, especially toward the second half (as always because that's when I find my groove). Came out of the water in decent position. Not as fast as previous years, but not ridiculously slow. About two minutes into the bike, I knew it wouldn't be my day. Normally I find my groove early and the bike feels awesome. I found myself running out of gears early and often. I spent the rest of the ride trying to push hard but not burying myself before the run. I found some unsuspecting victims to legally draft on the way back into T2 (three bike lengths means little into a 15+ mph headwind :) ). I think the guy had a little too much pride to let me pass him, so hey, I took advantage. Came off the bike knowing no PRs were going to be set, but I pushed anyway. Coming out of T2, I think this picture summarizes my race:

Hey, at least the new team kit looks awesome! Felt pretty decent after the run turnaround and just tried to push back in. No spectacular results, but that's okay. The season is young (VERY young) and there is a lot of racing to come. This weekend was about hanging out with the family and making tri a family affair.

Went to the awards ceremony that evening knowing I wouldn't get an award, just to hang out with old and new friends. Plus an awards ceremony at a bar is not to be missed! I was able to hold myself back from showing off my pole dancing talents--yes, there were stripper poles. However, I did get to hang out in the hot tub later with some beautiful girls...

Now, back in Tucson, and still in training mode. Greatly enjoying my brand new ride, which is begging to be ridden often, ridden fast, and raced. I will oblige. Looking forward to spending some time later this week training with some Zoom Performance athletes and coaches. Tom and Matt, you might want to come get these!

Time to juggle the "non-traditional" schedule (training all day, working all night). Gotta love it! Then, next week I'll finally have a training plan in hand designed by someone who knows what they're doing (i.e. not me), thanks to Bill Daniel at Grasky Endurance Coaching. With the April-July schedule pretty much set, it's time to get busy!

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