Friday, August 16, 2013

take the good and bear the bad

Here's how it should go:

But it doesn't, usually.  There are good and bad, high and low points in every week.  Life gets in the way and other priorities are, well, prioritized.  Some good and bad from this week so far.

Bad: Tempo bike ride

changed to a commute to the office.
Good: Tempo workout salvaged by sprinting yellow lights.  I made almost all of them this morning.

Good: Largest weekly swimming volume in a while this week, and longest workout in a while today.
Bad: Took too long to eat a recovery meal and went to the grocery store.  Somehow a 6-pack and a jar of nutella ended up in the shopping cart.

Bad: 7-mile run and hilly bike ride ended up being in the heat of the day.  Felt like death for both.
Good: Perfect practice for for Vegas!

Bad: Beer drinking on a Thursday night... ("drink like a fish" doesn't even get an honorable mention on the poster above!)
Good: Satisfied my late night munchies with Kashi GoLean instead of unhealthy options.
Bad: Stomach destroyed all day Friday thanks to fiber overload.
Bad: Friday evening run cancelled due to upset stomach and thunderstorm.
Good: Great excuse for a family post-rain walk at sunset.

Good: Lots of greens this week thanks to bountiful baskets!
Bad: Accidentally bough Safeway cookies, which accidentally disappeared within 20 minutes...

Now to get some good sleep on a Friday night and destroy some workouts!  Vegas in T-minus three weeks!

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