Thursday, January 28, 2010

I’m on my feet I’m on the floor I’m good to go.

So here it goes. Apparently I'm back in action--up to 3-4 runs per week and 15+ miles, so I guess the body is ready to give it a go again.

For the first time, I'm actually working on my year-long racing plan. Of course signing up for Ironman a year in advance makes it easy to prioritize... I also attended a workshop put on by Grasky Endurance Coaching, which is helping me actually figure out how to plan for a year. The basics are as follows:
  1. A maximum of two "A" races per year. These are THE races. The ones you plan for months of years in advance. You taper. You don't jump off a building if they don't go well, but you don't sleep well either...
  2. A maximum of two "B" races leading up to each A race (i.e. 4 B races per year). You don't taper for these, but once the race starts, you are racing just like they are A races.
  3. LOTS of "C" races. These are races that you want/need to do, but you aren't obsessed with the results.
  4. You should have a goal for EVERY race you compete in, even C races. They can be simple. Something like "have a smooth T1", or "hold back on the bike and see what you can do on the run". Experiment. Have fun!

The first few months of the year I'll devote to getting healthy and trying to get back into the racing shape I was in before 2009 collegiate nationals. This is going to consist of a bunch of local running races and tris I have done before to see where I'm at. Then, I'll build toward a mid-summer "A-race". The second half of 2010 will be devoted to improving over last season, and building up the speed and endurance to get myself where I want to be for Ironman Arizona. Here's the draft list. Not exactly tentative, but not paid for either :) aside from the aquathlon, Vineman, and Ironman Arizona.

  1. TriCats Aquathlon, 2/7/10, a C race to figure out where I'm at to start the year.
  2. Fine Valentine 4-miler, 2/14/10, a C race to work on running PAIN tolerance.
  3. Sunrise Trail Run 4-ish miler, 3/7/10, a fun race with Trifest folks in town.
  4. Havasu Triathlon oly, 3/20/10, a C race and 3rd Havasu Tri (my first oly in 2008).
  5. Distance Classic Half Marathon, 3/28/10, another C race to push myself for a long-ish run.
  6. Sabino Canyon Sunset Run, 4/17/10, a fun Southern Arizona Roadrunners event. Plus you don't have to get up early!!
  7. XTERRA West Las Vegas (tentative), 4/25/10, a C race to be my first off-road tri.
  8. Cinco de Mayo 10k road race, 5/2/10, looking for a 6.2 PR on a hilly course that I have done for the last two years. A GREAT chance to see any improvements.
  9. Tempe International Triathlon, 5/16/10, my first B race of the year, and looking for an Oly PR.
  10. Sahuarita Triathlon, 5/31/10, another C-race. Basically a sprint distance with an open-water swim.
  11. Deuces Wild Olympic triathlon, 6/5/10, a second B race.
  12. XTERRA Dueces Wild, 6/6/10, second XTERRA and a Saturday/Sunday racing weekend. OUCH!
  13. Firecracker Triathlon (sprint), 7/4/10, a C race in Tucson in the middle of summer. Hot, hot, hot!
  14. Vineman 70.3, 7/18/10. My first A race. Looking for a second shot at my goal time from last year of NOYB. Going to take the lessons from last year and be prepared for anything!
  15. XTERRA Snow Valley, 8/1/10. My third and final XTERRA of the year.
  16. Mountain Man Triathlon half ironman, 8/8/10. A B race to work on my endurance after likely not fully recovering from Vineman. We shall see...
  17. Saguaro National Park Labor Day Run, 9/6/10, a ridiculously hilly 8-miler in Tucson, and the longest-running road race in town.
  18. Halfmax Triathlon, 10/2/10. My hopeful 2nd B race leading up to IM AZ, but timing and finances will probably be working against me... :(
  19. Tinfoilman Triathlon, 10/9/10. My most likely 2nd B race leading up to IM AZ, and I'll be going for a PR in the Tucson Tri Series. Goal time once again of NOYB ;)
  20. Ironman Arizona, 11/21/10. THE race of the year. Incidentally, this happens to be on Shannon's birthday. Ooops... :) for some reason neither of us realized it before I signed up. I'll make it up to you!!!
So, that's it. Ambitious, overwhelming, and hopefully more rewarding than I can imagine. We'll know if I'm not burnt out by July... I am sure there will be ups and downs. Surprising pick-me-ups when they're needed most, and let downs when I feel like I can't take them. It's all part of the journey.

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Shannon said...

It's going to be a VERY busy year. All of that, plus ballet, gymnastics, swimming lessons, tumbling, and soccer. Maybe even some yoga for me. We won't be bored, that's for sure. I love you!!

PS Don't worry, you can make it up to me after my birthday. :)