Thursday, January 14, 2010

One to the people who still fight for the Earth

Some quick thoughts about environmental stuff and consulting.

As somewhat of an environmentalist, I feel the need to do something fairly important with my career. I think that environmental consulting (aka the Dark Side) generally has a negative connotation, because of who we work for. When I interviewed for my first consulting job, my response was something like "development is going to happen. I hope that we can help people complete their work while minimizing the damage." My latest response is:

In order to do "big" things, you don't always get to work in the prettiest places. Although preservation of these places is obviously important, restoration is required in the "ugly" places. I think that in order to make the biggest impact, you often have to work FOR and WITH the companies/people/organizations who potentially do the most damage to help them minimize their future impacts and mitigate those from the past.

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