Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Do you remember when 21 years was old?

Well, apparently my coach decided that he would give me a recovery week for my birthday present. That's what I'm telling myself anyway. Well, that, or he is just preparing me for the final push. I have taken a preview of what's to come and...ouch!

Anyway, week 11. 9.5 hours of training total. 5.5 hours of cycling (i.e. the same as my long ride alone last week), with a long ride of only 3 hours. Of course that 3-hour ride happened to be an ADT ride (no breakfast, no calories during...). 13.6 miles of running, with essentially no long run. Three swims for a not-so-grand total of 5900 yards. So, this should have been an easy week. Well, it was and wasn't. I actually had a little bit of the blues. It felt something like a taper week, where during each of my relatively short workouts, I was just counting down the minutes until it was over. I took care of my longer stuff during the week so that I could spend my weekend hanging out with the family and taking it relatively easy.

But, what does a Grabau do when he is supposed to be doing nothing? He goes crazy for about two hours, then picks a procrastinated project to tackle. The first thing I saw was the broken Malibu light along the driveway. A short trip to Lowes and my dad and I had something to keep us busy for a couple hours. Then, some excellent barbecue (can't go wrong with kabobs), a little too much birthday cake, an hour run on Sunday, and call it a week. My legs feel pretty good (although I feel a little lazy) and ready to get back into serious action.

My final training block arrived in my inbox right on time, and I took a quick glance. There is a lot left to tackle, but at this point, sacrificing my time and pushing through the fatigue for a few more weeks shouldn't be a problem.

On to week #12. Let's do this! A slightly bigger week of training, with my final tuneup race on Saturday--the Pumpkinman Olympic in Boulder. Basically the same bike course as the Las Vegas Triathlon. Here's hoping my legs are ready for the hills this time!

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