Friday, October 15, 2010

when I strap my helmet on, I'll be long gone

Week 9 is also done. Yeehaw!

Monday started off with a day of rest/a full schedule of meetings in Boulder City after the LV Triathlon, followed by a couple hours of driving in my Zoot recovery tights. I actually felt pretty fresh coming off a half the day before--once again I was able to deal with stairs with minimal cringing. I considered doing a recovery run in the evening, but sided with sanity and relaxed with the parents in Lake Havasu. Starting Tuesday afternoon, game on.

Weekly totals: total of 16 hours. 22 miles running (long run of 1:50), 8.5 hours on the bike (long ride of 4 hours, and 12,200 yards in the pool. It was a productive week, with a little reduction in running an riding to recover from the race.

Some notables:
In general I was really tired during the week. Not really sore, but just didn't have much energy. After a couple days, I just accepted that it was the effect of race recovery. Had to take it as it came.

My long swim finally approached 4,000 yards, and I didn't find it overly difficult. The 12X100 with 15 seconds rest, on the other hand, left me tanked.

I have started spending more time on the trainer. VERY effective and efficient, especially for interval work. Plus, no worries about getting run off the road by cars... Here's my setup: CycleOps Mag Plus trainer with front wheel block, a 5' step ladder as a laptop stand, and a little neon mood lighting. Am I the only one that craves crappy beer after a trainer ride? The good thing about always missing primetime TV is that you can catch up on multiple episodes online to cover your 90-minute plus ride...

My long brick on Saturday (schedule for 4:30 plus 20 minutes of running) ended up being 4:00 plus 20, for fear of getting caught in a building thunderstorm. In any case, it was still a great workout, and the weather actually helped to make it pretty pleasant!

Sunday long run felt good. Suddenly it feels like I'm marathon training again (of course I kind of am...). Then a few hours of recovery, easy swim, and then packed up for a fieldwork trip. Out the door at 3 pm on Sunday, and off for a crazy week in California. Interesting stuff to follow, I promise...

But, week 9 was done, and I was feeling pretty good!

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