Wednesday, August 17, 2011

work and play they're never okay

So, just a quick follow up to Xterra Snow Valley. I spent the next few days working in southern California. After the race, it was off to San Luis Obispo to work on growing tree seedlings. One day later, mission accomplished.

Then, back to the Inland Empire. Spent Tuesday morning working on a proposal, and then went for a good ride in the afternoon. What could possibly go wrong when you ride in a new place by yourself with directions this good?

Except that I missed the first turn. Oh well, ended up riding to the right place.

Then, back to the hotel to work on the proposal again. Bedtime, then up early for a site visit on the San Timoteo River. Hopefully good things to come!

Then, an afternoon drive to Tucson, and my trip is completed. Safely, successfully, and back to the family :)

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