Saturday, October 15, 2011

This is my final bow

Well, after just over four years of training to be a competitive triathlete (and more than 30 races), it is time for a break. A string of injuries, big family and life events, and suddenly growing career responsibilities need to be my focus for a while. Daily swimming lunch breaks aren't working out lately...

In any case, I plan to continue running and mountain bike racing on a recreational level, and see where that goes. I am hoping for lots of endurance-type events in 2012, including chasing down a belt buckle or three. I don't exactly plan to sit around getting fat and lazy :)

A quick reflection on what triathlon has meant to me...

By pushing my body harder than I ever have before, I realized that the imaginary boundaries we put on our abilities are just that--imaginary. In less than two years, I went from struggling through my first aquathlon...

To racing competitively for the U of A and placing in the top 125 collegiates nationally...of course, as an old graduate student, but whatever :)

And in the process, I lost 30 pounds, and really got into the best shape of my life. In high school, my best mile was 7:45. Yes, really. In tri, I started holding sub 7-minute pace off the bike :)

Triathlon has been good to me! It has been a humbling experience to be sponsored by for three years. It truly is a great company that came from humble beginnings to the online retail force it is now. People that look down on TriSports as a "big, corporate company" have never spent personal time with Seton, Debbie, and the crew. I guarantee it. These guys are awesome, and have done and continue to do great things in what in reality has been a very short time. Thank you SO MUCH to TriSports for your support over the years, and I will continue to see you in the store and at the races for years to come!

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