Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gitty up, gitty up, let's ride

Just a quick post to mention one of my new discoveries. I don't post much (enough?) product reviews, but I discovered a product that helped me out immediately. And, hey, I didn't know about it, so maybe you didn't either!

I am a heavy, salty sweater. I have always tried to take in as much salt as possible through PowerGels and Camelback Elixir. However, last summer I realized that I still wasn't getting enough (especially during my cramp-plagued Vineman attempt). So, I have been talking electrolyte pills (Endurolytes) every half hour for summer rides and runs. Last year, and up until a month ago, I was simply carrying a "pill dispenser", which actually works okay. However, it can take two hands to get just one pill out (dangerous on the bike!), and if it rains there is little protection from the elements. Last month, I finally read up on the saltstick dispenser. Basically, this is a handy little tube that can slide inside your aerobar extensions (or handlebars depending on the shape) or even just clip on to your race belt. I installed mine in an aerobar extension in about two minutes, and, now, one caplet is available with a twist. Each tube can hold 6 or 7 caplets (=3 hours for me), so I will be adding one in the other extension to get me through the longer rides I have coming up. Here is what it looks like once installed in your extension:

If you are a salty sweater like me, I HIGHLY recommend this for your bike. You can get the dispenser alone, or get a combo with saltstick caps to save you a few bucks if you want to try their pills. I bought one combo and an extra dispenser. No, these things are not free, but for the convenience and reliability of electrolyte caps at your fingertips, this is an awesome product. Quick video of how it dispenses:

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