Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tie my handlebars to the stars so I stay on track

Finally getting started on my weekly-ish posts on training for Ironman Arizona. I am going to try to add a new post each Sunday or Monday with basic information on my previous week. The goal is not to brag; I just want to keep track of what I have done, how I am feeling, etc., so that I can look back to see what I have gone through in preparation for the race. Hopefully it'll keep me motivated when I'm feeling down, but we'll see.

So, here goes. Week three is DONE. What happened to weeks 1 and 2? Minnesota vacation. Oops. For week 1, I got in all three bike rides, two of three runs, and no swimming (thanks to my MTB crash). 7.7 total training hours, 13 miles of running. 2:45 long ride, and no long run. For week two, I got in all three runs, one ride, and no swimming again. 6.7 training hours, 23 miles of running. Long ride of 3:15, long run of 1:15.

Week three was time to get back on track. Mission accomplished! All three swims, bikes, and runs are DONE! :) 12.7 hours, 8300 yards in the pool, 6.7 hours on the bike, 23 miles of running. Long ride of 3:30 (plus 0:20 run), long run of 1:30. I actually feel great. Now that I have real heart rate zones set up (and I'm following them), I feel pretty well-rested and fresh for my workouts. The swims were really tough-not at all surprising after 21 days with no swimming! Some other highlights and lowlights:
  • Most enjoyable workout of the week-long trail run at Starr Pass Sunday at sunset. Hot and sticky, but some rain, rainbows, great Tucson views, and some wildlife. I made myself stay in Zone 2, so I felt good pretty much the whole time.
  • Least enjoyable workout-Wednesday swim with 100 repeats. Hard workout always, but depressing when you're out of shape. Oh well, I finished.
  • Scariest moment of the week-A tie between running through a swarm of bees (hit in the head like five times, and then looked up to see a huge swarm-I'll admit, it freaked me out) and having to high-step a coiled up rattlesnake on my Sunday run. The snake was coiled up right on the trail where my foot was headed, but I saw him at the absolute last moment. No rattling of anything. He didn't even flinch!
  • Discovery of the week-Yoga! I finally tried it for the first time. OUCH! Depressing to realize how inflexible I am, but I'm going to keep trying!
That's all for now. Big week this week followed by my first recovery week.

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