Monday, August 30, 2010

Nobody said it was easy

A day late and a workout short, but Week 4 is done enough for me. There was a not-so-subtle change in my workload last week (when it rains, it pours...and it did both figuratively and literally). For the first time, I really FELT that I was ironman training. Sure the workouts were a little longer, but that wasn't the hard part.

First, the basics: 14.3 hours, 9700 yards in the pool, 7.6 hours on the bike, 22 miles of running. Long ride of 4:00, long run of 1:45. So yeah, slightly longer than last week, but that's only part of the story.

The real story is that I worked 40+ hours in four days, got very little sleep, and had to go out of town over the weekend sans bike, sans pool. That means 7 workouts that HAD to be done by Friday, and I HAD to have a rest day. My week went something like this:

  • Monday, day off training. Drop girls off at 8:30, work at 9. Meetings all morning, meaning no time to work on my HUGE annual report that was due in January. Yeah, that's right, only 9 months late. Work till 3:30, pick up the girls. Wash dishes, pack lunch, help get the girls to bed at 7. Work until midnight.
  • Tuesday, up at 5 am, onto the trainer at 5:30 for a 90-minute interval session. Breakfast, shower, take the girls to school. Into work by 9 to bust my butt on the report, sandwiching a meeting about why it's taking so long to get the report out. A meeting that, well, keeps me from working on the report... 1:30, off to the pool. Get in, swim 700 warm-up, then a bogus lightning sighting closes the pool (read now I have three swims to do in 3 days, along with a four-hour bike). Work until 3:30, pick up the girls. Home at 4:45, help with dinner, off to run hill repeats, back home at 7. Work until 12:30--notice a pattern here?
  • Wednesday, miss my alarm (not surprising). Girls wake me up at 6. Breakfast, off to work by 7. Bust my butt until noon, report draft DONE! Off to the pool to celebrate (like swimming is a fun way to celebrate...). EXHAUSTED, but I knocked out a great 100-repeat set. My times are already coming back down. Work till 5, and I'm done.
  • Thursday, wake up at 5 and IT'S RAINING. Flash flood warnings. Are you freaking kidding me?! This is Tucson. How will I possibly get in my long ride and swim, especially given the hallucination-prone lifeguard. But, a pleasant surprise. It was an AWESOME morning. No lightning, cool, sprinkled on me for half of the ride. Three hours of rest, and then swim. It's still raining, meaning I have 8 lanes of lap pool to myself (plus I get to punish the lifeguards by making them sit out in the rain :) ). Thursday afternoon, report draft is back on my desk. Pick Rylie up at 4, quick visit to, then gymnastics until 6. Girls in bed by 7:30, pack lunch for Rylie, start working on the report. Get it back out by midnight.
  • Friday, up at 5:30, off for an Aerobic Deflection Training ride. No breakfast. No ride nutrition. Cup of coffee and out the door. Yeah, two hours of riding with no calories the day after a long ride=PAIN. I felt awesome for 45 minutes, then felt like falling over for the next 1:15. I was happy to make it home. Two hours of recovery, then off for a LONG set in the pool.
WOOOHOOO! Workouts for the workweek were done. Off to the River for my mom's birthday and a lot of fun on the water. One hung-over run on Sunday morning (more ouch. when you have two "bouts of GI distress" in four miles, you know it's not a good morning for a run), and a make-up run today (Monday) to knock out my long run.

Highlights and low-lights of the week:
  1. Biggest sacrifice: tie between sleep and sanity. My mental state was simply crappy, and the lack of sleep did not help.
  2. Most painful ride: Friday no-calorie ride. Long ride the day before, lack of sleep, and poor nutrition, so no surprise there.
  3. High point of the week: My rainy swim on Thursday. Yeah, that's right. I actually enjoyed my swim, and had a near-spiritual experience having the pool to myself and watching the rain come down.
  4. Take away message for this week: sleep more!
So, that's it for Week 4. Thank God for recovery weeks, as I am definitely going to enjoy this one. Looks like I'll probably be back at the river this week for three days of extracurricular activities to include some mountain biking, fishing, swimming (the fun kind), horseshoes, you get the idea. Hopefully I'll come back to town feeling motivated and ready to launch into my next training phase. Thinking of no drinking after this weekend until the race, so we'll see how long that off to finish my beer before I go to bed.

Oh, wait, I almost forgot to pack Rylie's lunch.

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